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5 Things Students Should Do To Secure a PR Job Later

Public relations has become a highly sought after and extremely competitive field of study for college students. In addition to exhibiting great writing skills, attention to detail and an impressive work ethic, budding PR specialists must begin to work early on their craft. Mastering the attributes in this article - sooner, rather than later - will give students a head start in the PR race.
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The Google+ Project

Still in its trial phase, Google+ represents the next big thing in web sharing. Since social media is all about the sharing of information, Google wants to make it easier.
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20 Tips to Help You Proofread Like a Pro

Conveying the correct internal and/or external message is key to one's image. Not taking the necessary time to proofread an forma off comunicaton con be a criticall & cosly errror! This easy read offers helpful suggestions when proofreading short or long documents.
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